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Hello, My name is James Montoya and this 1976 Dodge van is my high school sweet heart (HSSH). I acquired the van in 1986 when I was sixteen. My first vehicle and will be my last. The van was used as a party mobile, bedroom on wheels, roadie van, you name it. The interior was redone in 1990 but we had to gut it out to redo the rear quarter panels and enhance the roof vent mounting platform during this last restoration. All is done with the exception of the interior. It's funny that I hardly have any photos of my van all through these years, just a few which I'm glad for. The current state of the van is HSSH, this is how I last had it when I painted it and put on the wheels in 1987. The rear centerlines are original from 1987 , which I purchased from Super Shops. I still have the fronts but decided to go with some pizza cutters (4 1/2") Centerlines since I will be dragging this van and I like the drag look as it makes a statement when people see it first hand.

My next phase will be the chrome moldings, emblems, roof Oddysey spoiler and fiberglass hood. After that will be a gasser straight axle with air bag suspension and vintage grille(s). Then a twin turbo mounted underneath. The twin turbo is because the engine bay will not fit a supercharger without cutting up the dash, windshield and dog house. I want to keep it clean and drag ready at the same time. Depending on my ET at the race track, I may have to install a roll cage and I'm not too keen on this idea. I'm still looking around to find a clean roll cage van interior pic. I may have to keep it at 11.50 to have the best of both worlds. I have a bunch of other ideas and will be posting them on this website and facebook (facebook/ProStreetVan) so don't be a stranger. Stop by frequently to see updates and new photos. Send me an email from the email link or on Facebook.


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